Annas tal till Antonio Guterres

Dear General Secretary Guterres,

First of all I would like to thank you for the opportunity to meet with you today and also the chance to ask questions. I will try to keep this short, due to the limited time.

During this year, the economic empowerment is the priority in our ambition to reach gender equality. Economic empowerment and economic independence is a required condition for equality.

In the European Parliament, I am rapporteur for a report on this topic – Women?s Economic Empowerment in the Private and Public Sectors in the EU – and the European Commission will present their proposals for work-life balance in April.

It is my opinion that economic empowerment cannot be reached by a single solution, instead we need to adopt a holistic approach aiming to overcome the various interlinked factors that are currently hindering women?s economic empowerment.

So, I would be interested of hearing what your solutions would be and what different proposals, either legislative or non-legislative that would be needed?

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